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An equivalent single-phase flow for oil-water two-phase flow and its potential application in well test

Wenshu Zha, Daolun Li, Zhiwei Lu, Bao Jia

(Published: 2018-05-09)

Corresponding Author and Email:Daolun Li,

Citation:Zha, W., Li, D., Lu, Z., Jia, B. An equivalent single-phase flow for oil-water two-phase flow and its potential application in well test. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2018, 2(2): 218-227, doi: 10.26804/ager.2018.02.09.

Article Type:Original article


In this work an equivalent single-phase flow model is proposed based on the oil-water two-phase flow equation with saturation-dependent parameters such as equivalent viscosity and equivalent formation volume factor. The equivalent viscosity is calculated from the oil-water relative permeability curves and oil-water viscosity. The equivalent formation volume factor is obtained by the fractional flow of the water phase. In the equivalent single-phase flow model, the equivalent viscosity and phase saturation are interdependent when the relative permeability curves are known. Four numerical experiments based on PEBI grids show that equivalent single-phase flow has a good agreement with the oil-water two-phase flow, which shows that the equivalent single-phase flow model can be used to interpret oil-water two-phase pressure data measured in the wellbore during the buildup period. Because numerical solution of single-phase flow model is several times faster than that of the two-phase flow model, whether the new model interprets the pressure data directly or offers good initial values for the true oil-water two-phase pressure data interpretation, it will obviously improve the efficiency of the interpretation of oil-water pressure data and decrease the burden of engineers.

Keywords:Equivalent single-phase flow, equivalent viscosity, two-phase flow, numerical well test, PEBI grid.


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