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Advances in Geo-Energy Research

ISSN: 2207-9963 (Print); eISSN: 2208-598X (Online)

Welcome to Advances in Geo-Energy Research (abbreviated title: "Adv. Geo-Energy Res."), which is an Open Access, peer-reviewed international scientific journal quarterly published by Yandy Scientific Press (Previously by Ausasia Science and Technology Press, June 2017 to June 2020). 

In April 2021, the current CiteScore=8.2 (Scopus), IF=3.49 (Web of Science).

The average time from submission to publication: 25 days.


Call for papers for the special issue: Shale Thermal Maturity Issues and Modelling


AGER is a scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal and is sponsored by the Division of Porous Flow, Hubei Province Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering. AGER focuses on any combination of theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to the fundamental scientific advances related to natural geo-energy (oil, gas, coal, geothermal, gas hydrate, etc). All paper submitted to AGER will be blind reviewed and accepted papers will be published quarterly since 2017.

Volume 2 (2018) No. 1

Original article

Permeability evaluation on oil-window shale based on hydraulic flow unit: A new approach

Pengfei Zhang, Shuangfang Lu, Junqian Li, Jie Zhang, Haitao Xue, Chen Chen. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 1-13


Original article

Dual objective oil and gas field development project optimization of stochastic time cost tradeoff problems

David A. Wood. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 14-33


Original article

Coalbed methane recovery from multilateral horizontal wells in Southern Qinshui Basin

Shenggui Liu, Songlei Tang, Shunde Yin. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 34-42


Original article

Experimental study on evolution behaviors of triaxial-shearing parameters for hydrate-bearing intermediate fine sediment

Yanlong Li, Changling Liu, Lele Liu, Jianye Sun, Haojia Liu, Qingguo Meng. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 43-52


Invited review

Review of exploration and production technology of natural gas hydrate

Yudong Cui, Cheng Lu, Mingtao Wu, Yue Peng, Yanbin Yao, Wanjing Luo. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 53-62


Original article

The effect of flow resistance on water saturation profile for transient two-phase flow in fractal porous media

Ting Lu, Zhiping Li, Fengpeng Lai, Ya Meng, Wenli Ma. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 63-71


Original article

Characterization of marine-terrigenous transitional Taiyuan formation shale reservoirs in Hedong coal field, China

Kunjie Li, Gang Chen, Wei Li, Xinlong Wu, Jinchong Tan, Jiangwen Qu. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 72-85


Invited review

Review on recent liquefied natural gas cold energy utilization in power generation cycles

Guojun Yu, Sheng Jia, Bing Dai. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 86-102


Original article

Well pattern optimization based on StoSAG algorithm

Shoulei Wang, Zhiping Li, Sen Wang, Xiaodong Han. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2018, 2(1) : 103-112


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