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Parallel numerical simulation for a super large-scale compositional reservoir

Peiqing Lian, Bingyu Ji, Taizhong Duan, Huawei Zhao, Xiaofei Shang

(Published: 2019-11-27)

Corresponding Author and Email:Peiqing Lian,; ORCID:

Citation:Lian, P., Ji, B., Duan, T., Zhao, H., Shang, X. Parallel numerical simulation for a super large-scale compositional reservoir. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2019, 3(4): 381-386, doi: 10.26804/ager.2019.04.05.

Article Type:Original article


A compositional reservoir simulation model with ten-million grids is successfully computed using parallel processing techniques. The load balance optimization principle for parallel calculation is developed, which improves the calculation speed and accuracy, and provides a reliable basis for the design of reservoir development plan. Taking M reservoir as an example, the parallel numerical simulation study of compositional model with ten million grids is carried out. When the number of computational nodes increases, message passing processes and data exchange take much time, the proportion time of solving equation is reduced. When the CPU number increases, the creation of Jacobian matrix process has the higher acceleration ratio, and the acceleration ratio of I/O process become lower. Therefore, the I/O process is the key to improve the acceleration ratio. Finally, we study the use of GPU and CPU parallel acceleration technology to increase the calculation speed. The results show that the technology is 2.4 ∼ 5.4 times faster than CPU parallel technology. The more grids there are, the better GPU acceleration effect it has. The technology of parallel numerical simulation for compositional model with ten-million grids presented in this paper has provided the foundation for fine simulation of complex reservoirs.

Keywords:Ten million grids, compositional model, numerical simulation, CPU and GPU parallel, load balance optimization


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