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Advances in Geo-Energy Research

ISSN: 2207-9963 (Print); eISSN: 2208-598X (Online)

Welcome to Advances in Geo-Energy Research (abbreviated title: "Adv. Geo-Energy Res."), which is an Open Access, peer-reviewed international scientific journal quarterly published by Yandy Scientific Press (Previously by Ausasia Science and Technology Press, June 2017 to June 2020). 

In April 2021, the current CiteScore=8.2 (Scopus), IF=3.49 (Web of Science).

The average time from submission to publication: 25 days.


Call for papers for the special issue: Shale Thermal Maturity Issues and Modelling


AGER is a scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal and is sponsored by the Division of Porous Flow, Hubei Province Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering. AGER focuses on any combination of theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to the fundamental scientific advances related to natural geo-energy (oil, gas, coal, geothermal, gas hydrate, etc). All paper submitted to AGER will be blind reviewed and accepted papers will be published quarterly since 2017.

Volume 4 (2020) No. 4


A 6M digital twin for modeling and simulation in subsurface reservoirs

Shuyu Sun, Tao Zhang. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 349-351



Advances in porous media science and engineering from InterPore2020 perspective

Jianchao Cai, Hadi Hajibeygi, Jun Yao, S. Majid Hassanizadeh. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 352-355


Original article

Characterization and estimation of gas-bearing properties of Devonian coals using well log data from five Illizi Basin wells (Algeria)

Rafik Baouche, David A. Wood. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 356-371


Original article

Microstructural characterisation of organic matter pores in coal-measure shale

Kunjie Li, Shaoqi Kong, Peng Xia, Xiaoling Wang. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 372-391


Original article

CO2 geological sequestration in heterogeneous binary media: Effects of geological and operational conditions

Reza Ershadnia, Corey D. Wallace, Mohamad Reza Soltanian. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 392-405


Invited review

Advances and challenges in shale oil development: A critical review

Qihong Feng, Shiqian Xu, Xiangdong Xing, Wei Zhang, Sen Wang. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 406-418


Original article

Pore-scale numerical simulation of supercritical CO2 migration in porous and fractured media saturated with water

Hejuan Liu, Zhengwen Zhu, Were Patrick, Jianfeng Liu, Hongwu Lei, Liwei Zhang. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 419-434


Original article

Modeling viscosity of crude oil using k-nearest neighbor algorithm

Mohammad Reza Mahdian, Ehsan Khamehchi, Sassan Hajirezaie, Abdolhossein Hemmati−Sarapardeh. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 435-447


Original article

Numerical study of vug effects on acid-rock reactive flow in carbonate reservoirs

Zhaoqin Huang, Hongchuan Xing, Xu Zhou, Haoyu You. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 448-459


Original article

A prediction model of specific productivity index using least square support vector machine method

Chunxin Wu, Shaopeng Wang, Jianwei Yuan, Chao Li, Qi Zhang . Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2020, 4(4) : 460-467


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