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Prediction of mechanical parameters for low-permeability gas reservoirs in the Tazhong Block and its applications

Youwei Wan, Hui Zhang, Xiangjun Liu, Guoqing Yin, Jian Xiong, Lixi Liang

(Published: 2020-06-02)

Corresponding Author and Email:Xiangjun Liu,; ORCID:

Citation:Wan, Y., Zhang, H., Liu, X., Yin, G., Xiong, J., Liang, L. Prediction of mechanical parameters for low-permeability gas reservoirs in the Tazhong Block and its applications. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2020, 4(2): 219-228, doi: 10.26804/ager.2020.02.10.

Article Type:Original article


A longitudinal distribution profile of the mechanical properties of the formations is important for the safe drilling, successful completion, and development of oil and gas reservoirs. However, the mechanical profile of the carbonate formations from the low-permeability gas reservoirs in the Tazhong (TZ) Block is hard to achieve due to the complex structural and lithological characteristics of the carbonates. In this paper, lab measurements are carried out to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the carbonate rocks of the Yingshan Formation in the TZ Block. Based on this, the relationships among density, the interval transit time and the mechanical parameters of the rocks in the TZ Block are constructed. The constructed relationships are then applied to the well-logging prediction of the mechanical profiles of the carbonate formations. The models are verified through the application to the two wells in the TZ Block, the results show that the relative errors in the predicted mechanical parameters are within 10\% indicating the efficiency of the constructed models. The result of this study provides reasonable mechanical parameters for the exploration and development of the carbonate reservoirs in the TZ Block.

Keywords:Carbonate, mechanical properties, well logging prediction, formation fracture pressure.


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