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Decline curve analysis for multiple-fractured horizontal wells in tight oil reservoirs

Guohan Xu, Hongjun Yin, Hongfei Yuan, Cuiqiao Xing

(Published: 2020-07-01)

Corresponding Author and Email:Hongjun Yin,; ORCID:

Citation:Xu, G., Yin., H., Yuan, H., Xing, C. Decline curve analysis for multiple-fractured horizontal wells in tight oil reservoirs. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2020, 4(3): 296-304, doi: 10.46690/ager.2020.03.07.

Article Type:Original article


The production of multiple-fractured horizontal wells (MFHW) in tight oil reservoirs decreases rapidly in the initial period. It then enters a stable state of the low production with a slow loss-ratio. Because of its complicated production dynamic characteristics, the conventional rate-decline analysis method is no longer applicable. We adopt the semi-analytical solution of the MFHW five-region linear flow model to get the multiple-fractured dimensionless rate-decline analysis curves and continuously calculate the loss-ratio of the decline curves. Based on the characteristics of the loss-ratio in the log-log plot, the decline curve analysis (DCA) model for tight oil MFHW is established. According to the DCA model, dimensionless production decline curves are obtained, and the sensitivity of the parameters in the model is analyzed. Finally, the DCA model is used to analyze the production rate decline of tight oil MFHW, and good matching results and production forecasts are achieved. This method provides a scientific basis for the rate-decline analysis of tight oil MFHW.

Keywords:Tight oil, rate-decline analysis, decline curve analysis model, sensitivity analysis.


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