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Insights on the gas permeability change in porous shale

Junqian Li, Tao Yu, Xu Liang, Pengfei Zhang, Chen Chen, Jie Zhang

(Published: 2017-09-25)

Corresponding Author and Email:Junqian Li,

Citation:Li, J., Yu, T., Liang, X., et al. Insights on the gas permeability change in porous shale. Adv. Geo-energ. Res. 2017, 1(2): 69-73, doi: 10.26804/ager.2017.02.01.

Article Type:Invited review


Due to abundant nanoscale pores developed in shale, gas flow in shale presents a complex dynamic process. This paper summarized the effects from effective stress increase, shale matrix shrinkage, gas slippage and Knudsen diffusion on the gas permeability change in shale during shale gas recovery. With the reduce in gas pressure, effective stress increase leads to the decline of the permeability in an exponential form; the permeability increases due to the shale matrix shrinkage induced by gas desorption; appearances of gas slippage and Knudsen diffusion cause an additional increase in the gas permeability particularly in small pores at low pressures. In addition, some reported models evaluating the shale permeability were reviewed preliminarily. Models considering these four effects may be potentially effective to evaluate the gas permeability change in shale.

Keywords:Shale gas, permeability, effective stress, matrix shrinkage, gas slippage, Knudsen diffusion.


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