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Study on facies-controlled model of a reservoir in Xijiang 24-3 oilfield in the Northern Pearl River Mouth Basin

Liao Zheng, Cheng Chen, Cheng Lu, Minhua Cheng

(Published: 2018-07-05)

Corresponding Author and Email:Liao Zheng,

Citation:Zheng, L., Chen, C., Lu, C., Cheng, M. Study on facies-controlled model of a reservoir in Xijiang 24-3 oilfield in the Northern Pearl River Mouth Basin. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2018, 2(3): 282-291, doi: 10.26804/ager.2018.03.06.

Article Type:Original article


To better understand the internal structure of the Xijiang 24-3 Oilfield in the Northern Pearl River Mouth Basin, a reasonable and effective three-dimensional quantitative geological model is needed to characterize the distribution characteristics of the reservoir. Xijiang 24-3 Oilfield is a braided river delta deposition, which contains many sedimentary microfacies in three subfacies zones. The reservoir structure is complex and heterogeneous. The reservoir modeling research was conducted on the Xijiang 24-3 oilfield H3A reservoir. Analysis of the oilfield core, the well-logging, and seismic data, establish a regional structural model. The regional sedimentary microfacies model is simulated by multi-point geostatistics. The reservoir property model is established by using facies-controlled modeling technology with sedimentary microfacies as a constraint condition. A facies-controlled property model and a non-facies-controlled property model are established respectively. The facies-controlled model corresponds well with the sedimentary microfacies of the reservoir, and the variation trend of the model shows a higher coincidence rate with the distribution characteristics of the well. The facies-controlled model reflects the spatial distribution characteristics of the physical properties of the underground reservoir and is in accord with the actual geological understanding of the reservoir. This model also provides a reliable basis for the next stage of reservoir description and a basis for further exploration and development work.

Keywords:Sedimentary facies, geological model, multi-point geostatistics, facies-controlled modeling, model verification.


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