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Advances in Geo-Energy Research

ISSN: 2207-9963 (Print); eISSN: 2208-598X (Online)

Welcome to the website of the Advances in Geo-Energy Research (AGER).

AGER is an Open Access journal published by Ausasia Science and Technology Press, Australia, since 2017.

AGER is a scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal and is sponsored by the Division of Porous Flow, Hubei Province Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering. AGER focuses on any combination of theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to the fundamental scientific advances related to natural geo-energy (oil, gas, coal, geothermal, gas hydrate, etc). All paper submitted to AGER will be blind reviewed and accepted papers will be published quarterly since 2017.

Volume 1 (2017) No. 1

Invited review

A critical review on fundamental mechanisms of spontaneous imbibition and the impact of boundary condition, fluid viscosity and wettability

Qingbang Meng, Huiqing Liu, Jing Wang. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2017, 1(1) : 1-17


Invited review

Applications of digital core analysis and hydraulic flow units in petrophysical characterization

Xiaojun Chen, Yingfang Zhou. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2017, 1(1) : 18-30


Invited review

Geometrical, fractal and hydraulic properties of fractured reservoirs: A mini-review

Wei Wei, Yuxuan Xia. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2017, 1(1) : 31-38


Invited review

Review on gas flow and recovery in unconventional porous rocks

Duanlin Lin, Jinjie Wang, Bin Yuan, Yinghao Shen. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2017, 1(1) : 39-53


Invited review

A review of stimulated reservoir volume characterization for multiple fractured horizontal well in unconventional reservoirs

Wendong Wang, Da Zheng, Guanglong Sheng, Qi Zhang, Yuliang Su. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2017, 1(1) : 54-63


Original article

The study of relative permeability and residual gas saturation at high pressures and high temperatures

Hiwa Sidiq, Robert Amin, Tony Kennaird. Advances in Geo-Energy Research. 2017, 1(1) : 64-68


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